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he made pasta

It's a Friday night when I do the thing again: hang out with my crush, Matthew, and act like I'm fine with being "just friends" when really, I want so much more. We drink too much, I encourage him to "go for it" with his crush, and I end up going home alone. I hate it when I do the thing.

Lucky my great friend, Hadley, is there to pick up the pieces. Hadley's always there for me when I need him, and I've never thought of him as anything more than that. But that's all about to change. See, I thought Hadley and I were just friends. Then he did that thing guys do when they really like you. He made pasta for me...


All Tied Up with String Romance Books

about the series

The All Tied Up with String Romance books are sweet, sexy, and relatively short stand-alones. These contemporary romance novels promise fluffy stories about couples who are tied together by love. Won't Let You Go is the first of the series, and it will be followed by Same Heart String and Never Lost to You.

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book 1

he only wants to see her fly

Tobin has no strings attached, and she is living a life of freedom abroad while she pursues a career as an actress. Her childhood best friend, Elliott, still lives in their hometown, and he is engaged to a woman who is Tobin's opposite in every way. But sparks fly when fate brings Elliott and Tobin together again, and the two best friends must confront a love they have both denied.


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